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  • Grab a starter pack and get 30g of Fragonia Balm for Infant and Boo-Boo! Balm.

Pure Natural Goodness

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Starter pack

Grab a starter pack and get 30g of Fragonia Balm for Infant and Boo-Boo! Balm. Shop Now

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Little Penyu

Little Penyu Essential 100% natural product is Malaysia's trusted way to protect your baby's delicate skin.
Every Little Penyu Essential product contains only plant-based ingredients that are simple and safe, following good manufacturing practices to make sure every ingredients is clearly sourced, clean, animal cruelty-free and all natural.

No synthetic fragrances used

Safe for sensitive skin

100% non-toxic

Plant-based ingredients

What Customers Love About Little Penyu Essential

“This is a Must Have in Every Household“

I tried them all and I love every one of them! My favourite is LPessential Fragonia Balm for Junior. I love rubbing them on my daughter's chest, back and the bottom of her feet after her bath. It also helps her sleep better when she had colds and stuffy nose. The scent is mild and pleasant. I love the idea of having the security to use this product in confidence because they were made by a mother, who had done her research and want what is best for her children. This is a must-have in every household.

- Lela Kelzed

“Highly Recommended!“

Fragonia Balm for Junior has always been handy in helping to ease my son’s nose-block problem, especially midnights. He too enjoys the non-greasy massage and sleeps through the night! Highly recommended!

- Madeline Liew

“Loved the Smell“

Ever since my daughter and I moved to Hong Kong, my daughter always catches flu especially when she's at school. I used to apply euky bearub on her chest n back but she complains it was hot. then LPessential Fragonia Balm for Junior comes to de rescue!! She loved the smell and requested me to apply on her chest even though she's not sick! Thank you, Little Penyu for this wonderful product!

- Elaine Alexaine

“One of the Best“

Trusted agent, product bagus untuk anak2, kak saya nak order lagi.

- Alex Lu

Our Ingredients

No Menthol. No Petroleum Jelly. No Steroid.

We create products with your baby’s sensitive skin in mind, sourcing only top-tier and plant-based ingredients safe for kids.

Our essential oils are picked and properly diluted according to age group.






With Little Penyu Essential,
No DIY is needed. Just lots of TLC!


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