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From One Loving Mom to Another

When my baby daughter Arya turned one year old, she was diagnosed with mild bronchitis. It was painful to see her struggling with lots of phlegm and not being able to breathe well while she was sleeping. She would wake up a few times at night crying due to a blocked nose (even though we slept without any air conditioner on) and I'm sure most mothers reading this could relate.

I'm also an avid user of using essential oils as a natural approach before resorting to medicine. Throughout my journey learning about essential oils, I noticed that not all parents know about the proper dilution rate suitable for their kid's age. Some apply neat (undiluted) directly on their child's skin, which could cause extreme skin irritation for some babies. Please note that one drop of essential oil equals thousands of plants. This means it is very concentrated, and too much of a good thing can be detrimental as well.

How Little Penyu Essential Came to Be

To ensure that my baby got the best treatment, I decided to create a mild and natural baby vapor rub—without any menthol, mineral oil or petroleum jelly. Thus, Little Penyu Essential was born. We only use natural beeswax and pure organic coconut oil as our base, and we follow proper dilution for essential oils as advocated by Robert Tisserand, one of the world's leading experts in aromatherapy. Through our products, we provide convenient and natural healing solutions for all mothers; they won’t have to spend too much buying or testing the many essential oils that lie around.

Our products use only high quality, safe-for-kids essential oils sourced from our trusted supplier. Our supplier is transparent with their GC/MS report, which is a gold-standard procedure to make sure that the essential oils are not tampered with by any third party laboratory. We also replace all strong essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint with more gentle and effective ingredients that are safe and suitable for kids under six years old.

We create our products with sensitive-skinned babies in mind. Each product works hard to nourish, hydrate, and gently soothe skin from head to toe.

Pure Goodness, Pure Love

If you are new to Little Penyu Essential, WELCOME. I hope you will love and benefit from our products as much as we do. Don't hesitate to share your feedback and reviews because just like you, I only want the best for my child—and yours, too.

With Little Penyu Essential, No DIY is needed. Just lots of TLC!

XOXO, Fara

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With Little Penyu Essential, No DIY is needed. Just lots of TLC!