8 Home Remedies for Baby Flu

Everytime my baby has baby congestion, her best place to sleep is on my chest. That means, I will sleep sitting up and I'm sure most of you caring moms out there had done this too 😉

While it is inconvenient (causing back ache the next morning too), we all know it's for a good cause. Our baby is practising to strengthening their immune system.

While I'm all about trying my best to go natural the best I can, I also believe medicine and natural treatment should work harmoniously when necessary. But before you rush for that decongestant medicine, here are some of the tips (from a mom to another mom) that you can try at home:

1) Essential Oil

For children below 2 years old, I love using Rosalina And Fragonia essential oil together. I use 3 drops (2 Fragonia and 1 Rosalina) in 2 tablespoon carrier oil and rub it on the chest, back, inner thigh and the sole of the feet before covering them with socks.

You can also refer to proper dilution chart below from Plant Therapy

Important! Never apply essential oil undiluted or rub it near the face/put it in the nose of a children below 10.

If you prefer convenient, try Little Penyu Essential infant or junior natural vapor rub and keep it with you all the time. The blend doesn't contain strong essential oil, diluted according to age, and safe to use from 3 months up. It does not contain menthol, petroleum jelly nor turpentine too. Best of all, No DIY needed! Smells nice and calming too!

2) Humidifier or Essential Oil diffuser

Switch on a humidifier in your baby's room, which allows for smoother and less irritating airflow. If you have essential oil, you can use essential oil diffuser as well.

3) Snot Sucker

Babies naturally breathe through their noses. A clear nose is necessary for sleeping and breathing. Rubbing on vapor rubs or whatever that helps to loosen up the mucus will result in your baby pushing out the phlegm out of their system (along with those bacterias). So help your baby by sucking it out pronto. I love using Nose Frida nasal aspirator.

You can also combine with over the counter saline drops to help clear your baby's airways.

4) Boost Immune System

If you’re still breastfeeding, load up on immune boosting foods/ supplements like probiotics, garlic and fermented foods so that your milk will be rich in these immune building nutrients. I'm taking garlic supplement morning and night because I'm still breastfeeding my daughter.

5) Make Your Own Cough Syrup (For 1 year old and above)

Using decongestion will drop our first line of defense by allowing bacteria and viruses to go into our bloodstream and to our organ which will result in worsening or prolonging the sickness.

If your children is above 1 year old, you can also try making your own home made cough syrup which is way better than cough medicine.

Honey has proven anti-bacterial properties, and its thick, silky consistency coats and calms irritated throats. Lemon is also anti-bacterial, and is full of vitamin C to help boost the immune system.

My personal choice would be my friend's premixed honey called KELA Wild Honey. It contains local raw wild honey, lemon, cinnamon and other goodies with no water or sugar added and it is great for cough and flu.

If you are staying in Kota Kinabalu, you may find Lela here at 0178327577.

If you love to try doing it yourself, here is a simple recipe you can try:

3/4 cup raw honey* or local honey

1/4 cup organic coconut oil or olive oil

2-4 tablespoon of organic lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar.

6) Popsicle!

My dad in law is a local doctor here in Kota Kinabalu. I was surprised when he first suggested giving my toddler ice cream when he was coughing. Imagine the horror I had in my eyes 😂

So being me, I did my research and true enough, home made Popsicle, (without dairy) helped to soothe his cough.

All you need to do is just fill Popsicle molds and freeze. Not a kid alive who will turn down one of these. The popsicles will ease a cough and sore throat, and as a bonus they will keep a sick kid happily hydrated.

I sometimes made honey Popsicle for them just for fun. Some moms recommended grape juice popsicle (no need to add sugar) because grapes are a natural expectorant, and they help the body loosen and expel excess phlegm.

If your children prefer warmer foods, try chicken broth and smooth porridge instead. For babies 6 months and younger, mom should stick with breast milk or baby formula.

Most importantly keep them hydrated at all times.

7) Baby Massage

Baby massage after a warm bath can help unwell babies too. Keep your room warm and other necessary things ready beforehand such as blanket, towel and baby clothes so that they won't stay long without clothes on.

Begin with massaging your baby’s chest, back, stomach, neck, forehead, palms and feet with firm but gentle strokes. Any vegetable oil that is safe to put on your food is safe to be used as massage oil as well. My personal choice would be odourless organic coconut oil, olive oil or all natural vapor rub.

Avoid oil that contain mineral oil or vapor rub that contains petroleum jelly and menthol (it doesn't absorb into the skin and your baby might accidentally lick them)

If you usually do not massage your baby, you SHOULD NOT TRY massaging your baby for the first time when he/she is unwell. A baby massage should not be performed on a crying and sleeping baby as well.

To learn a correct and safe baby massage technique from a certified Infant Massage instructor, visit Little Penyu baby spa in Metrotown to inquire about their baby massage class for parents.

8) Let Them Sleep On Your Chest

Last but not least, LET THEM SLEEP ON YOUR CHEST or elevate their neck slightly with a towel to keep the air flow clear.

Do you have your own personal tips to share with other mommies? Please comment below!

Good luck mommies!

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